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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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JetBlue to Colombia: Taking Advantage Of A Flash Sale

The JetBlue Flight to Colombia is part of the Quest Around The Globe Trip Report which covers the following places:

Here is the Picture Preview, the Excel Spreadsheet of all the points redemptions, and my CNN International Business Traveller segment which was filmed in Vegas.

Who wants to see more pics of the inside of an airplane? Nobody. This review has nothing to do with the flying machine I took to Cartagena and more to do with taking advantage of flash sales and getting over the stigma of flying coach. Unlike hoarders, I do not have a stash of points that keeps me warm at night. I burn my points while trying to maximize the value. Given the dark days of devaluation and 5/24 rules, this means prioritizing when I will fly peasant and when I will splurge for civilized class. The loose guideline is that a flight has to be longer than ten hours to justify dipping into my savings.

Life altering decisions like this are made easier when airlines like JetBlue have flash sales to actual places I want to go. Sorry Southwest, I don’t want to get away to Spokane from Boise even if it is $29 round trip.

Last August, I booked a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Cartagena for $20.60 and 1,080 points. For that price, the plane could’ve had ducks, goats, and Captain Harris aboard and it would not have made a difference. Without livestock, the ride to Cartagena was pretty boring. Flying outside of the US, JetBlue’s DirecTV service was not available, leaving me to twiddle my thumbs and call out for Proctor.

Cartagena for 1080 points, I'll ride in cargo
Cartagena for 1080 points, I’ll ride in cargo
Plane seat
Plane seat
The whole emergency row to myself
The whole emergency row to myself



  1. sweet score man! on my rtw bike ride, i “cheated” from panama to colombia and took a flight. fizznuck me if i’m going to try to cycle through the darien gap! medellin was a highlight. mainly because of a girl i met at a pastry shop………….she was sweeter than any pastry….golddam!

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