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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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JetBlue Flight Cancelled: Rebooked a Day Later?

Sunny skies in Chicago didn’t prevent my JetBlue flight from being cancelled to New York this morning. Yesterday’s weather in New York didn’t cooperate with JetBlue’s operations. Many flights had to be cancelled and this cascade effect resulted in a shortage of crew for today’s schedule. As a result, I was booked for a flight for tomorrow to New York.

I called and asked for compensation and the manager stated that the reason for the cancellation was ‘indirectly related to weather’. As such, no compensation was due. I also would have to pay for my own hotel accommodations for the extra night in Chicago. My other option was to cancel the flight and receive a full refund.

After a long hold time, a flight magically opened up for late this evening. Maybe I’m wrong but couldn’t this have been handled better? I know Southwest is much kinder in these situations!

The weather is fine here!
The weather is fine here!





  1. Yup. Same happened to me last night BOS-EWR. Flight kept getting delayed and when we were finally given a take off window the crew said something about crew “timed out” if I heard correctly. Frustrating that they didn’t officially cancel until close to midnight so no hotels within 20 miles of the airport. Rebooked on a 6:40a flight this morning after much frustration and phone calls. Slept in a cot, got 1hr of sleep but now back in NY and ready to crash after an unproductive day at work.

    • Yeah the timeout thing almost happened to me from jfk to Las. They couldn’t get approval for routing or something. Luckily we took off. Who knew New York had so much air traffic trouble. Shanghai is just as bad.

  2. The key word was indirectly. They didn’t have enough crew, so it’s only fair that they pay the price, not you.

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