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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Vegas, Missed Flight Misery

TPOL did it again. Too much party in Vegas led to too much sleep the morning after. Jolted out of bed by the hotel phone ringing, I turned to the alarm clock which read 8AM. While that may not sound late, it in fact was since my flight was at 6AM.

Usually this wouldn’t be a big issue but I start my Tahiti trip this weekend and I need to be back in New York to catch my flight.

Disoriented and in a state of fog,  I had the displeasure of having to search for flights. I hoped Avios would Aretha Franklin rescue me but no dice. I checked direct flights and they were $400. Of course all the other major carriers didn’t have availability.

I finally checked Southwest, my original airline and was surprised to find a ‘wanna get away’ ticket available for the same 11k I initially paid.

Half dead, I booked it and now am en route to Newark via Wichita and St. Louis. This bus route is my punishment for ‘what happens in Vegas’ may force you to stay in Vegas shenanigans.

TPOL the celebrity
TPOL the celebrity


  1. Short sleep, huh? That pesky golf hobby will get you every time. By the way, what’s with the above picture? Were you accepting on behalf of SPG?

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