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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Desperate Times: Chase Marriott Opened, Hyatt Closed

In 5 years the TPOL family is going to be completely legitimate.

I was supposed to go from a points millionaire to a real millionaire. The idea was that the points hustle would provide for an opulent lifestyle while I sorted out my own entrepreneurial aspirations. (see my published book on entrepreneurship) While I’m making progress launching my own cloud international legal consulting practice and I just became Google AdWords certified, a necessary tool to become omnipresent, I have not forsaken the points game because I’d rather fly first for free than pay for peasant.

With the news of Chase ruining our lives with this cleverly named 5/24 rule, the race is on to get rich or die tryin’ to survive on points rations. The bad news of 2015 continues on into 2016. From Chase putting the kibosh on churning to SPG merging with Marriott, a lose lose for all SPG members (regardless of what Marriott’s CEO says) TPOL had to do something he never thought he would have to do, apply for the Marriott card.

Let me tell you why: First, the offer has never been better. It’s 80k Marriott points + $7500 points after spending 3k in 3 months with an annual fee of $85 that is not waived. That’s essentially 90k Marriott points that can get you two nights free at a Category 9 hotel. With a trip to South of France in August, I am looking to make a reservation at the JW Cannes. Second, maybe something magical will happen with the co-branded credit card for those that have SPG and Marriott.

Since Chase is essentially saying that my credit will be no good with them after April, I am being more aggressive than ever. On the recon call, I decided to cancel the Hyatt card in the hopes that I can get the bonus again before the end of days. I may even apply for the United Business and something else just because.

Maybe the 5 year plan was a bit ambitious.

Don’t ask me about my business Kay.

Photo of JW Marriott Cannes courtesy of
Photo of JW Marriott Cannes courtesy of


  1. “……’Jamie Dimon is a Pimp,… He Could’ve Never outfought ‘TPOL.’
    But I didn’t know until this day that it was ‘Gordon Smith’ all along….”
    (JD – Chase CHMN/CEO, GS – CEO Chase Card Services)
    Love your page – read it ALL the time. It is the Points of Life that make it worth enjoying.
    Please keep up the great writing and informative posts. Fellow M&P Hobbyist – scottc.jw

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