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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Citi Does It Again: No Credit Limit, Can’t Pay Bill, Can’t Shift Credit

Citi you make no sense to me. Why approve me for the Citi AA Exec card (see Approved! AA Citi Exec 100k), require that I spend 10k in 3 months to earn 100k AA points, but make it impossible to do so? Just like the Citi Premier (see Approved! Citi Premier), I was approved for a petty amount. Here, it was only 5k. Just like the Citi Premier, it does not matter if I pay my bill in full. My payment is on hold for two more weeks. Just like the Citi Premier, they won’t let me transfer available credit from my Citi Plus card despite having a 30k credit line.

a screenshot of a credit card
They won’t let me spend my way to 100k points.
a close up of a date
But they have no problem charging me the $595 annual fee.

When I called to ask what could be done? They said nothing. The algorithm is in control.

Conclusion: The machines have taken over. #judgementday #johnconnor



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