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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Citi Prestige Fraud Alert!

“Free Text Msg: Citi Cards Fraud Dept. Did you attempt a charge at WALGREENS in the amount of $155.95 on 05-13?”

Had they said CVS or Target, I would’ve had to think twice but Walgreens in New York, that wasn’t me. Credit card fraud is no laughing matter but this is only the second time that my card was hacked and I wasn’t the one being accosted by the fraud prevention department. The other time was someone purchasing some garbage jewelry from Jared.

We all get annoyed when our gift cards, vanilla reloads, or redBIRD transactions don’t go through. We complain to the agent who is trying to protect us that they are interfering with matters of [inter]national [travel] security. Then days like today happen making me feel guilty about berating the agents time and time again.

I’m sure my kindness will dissipate the next time my card is declined for a $3 suspicious purchase as it was a week ago and I’m stuck on hold forever waiting to clear it up. That’s almost as bad as booking multiple tickets in Asia only to have the 5th transaction being the one that sets off the fraud trigger. Where were you on the first four?

Finally, call me paranoid, call me Middle-Eastern, or call me a lawyer, but I can’t help but wonder if writing article upon article about the Citi Prestige is somehow related to this fraud attempt. If so then I would like to tell the fraudster that I appreciate his efforts of spending money in order to stockpile my ThankYou points but if he applied on his own he too could fly SQ with new pajamas.





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