Complaint of the Week: Hotel Remotes


I used to write a complaint of the week post because some things really grind my gears (see all complaining posts). This week’s complaint of the week is the placement of remotes in hotel rooms.

After flying long hours in peasant from PR to NY, all I want to do is get to my hotel, turn on the TV, and wait for Uber Eats. I get in the bed and before I can unwind, I realize that the TV remote is placed under the TV, not next to the bed. I curse aloud as I make my way across the room and wonder why this is. If I happen to stay for more than one night, the same thing happens the next day as housekeeping puts the remote back by the TV.

All I can do is ask why.

Like the middle finger taunting me, the TV remote sits there in the least convenient place.


  1. I’d say that the hotel policies say to do this so the remote doesn’t get buried in a pile of stuff on the nightstand. Look at the bright side: if that’s the problem of the week, things aren’t that bad.

  2. Having worked in hotels, anecdotally, more people tend to look for the remote near the TV, and not on the coffee or bed side tables.
    The beauty of hotels is you will never be able to please everyone all the time :0

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