Confirmed: Banco Popular Is The Worst Bank


Remember when I wrote, Looking to Churn? Move to Puerto Rico. I was wrong. So far I have been ‘approved’ three times, once by Santander and twice by Banco Popular (see Applying for Credit Cards in Puerto Rico: Approved But Not Really). The first time I applied with Popular the woman who was supposed to verify my income sat on my application and the 30 day period for approval expired. The second time, I did it over the phone and emailed my income verification. I didn’t hear back, so I emailed again. I didn’t hear back, so I called. I was told that I didn’t send the documents and that the 30-day window had passed. Now, I have two inquiries on my credit report and no credit card or points to show for it. Popular’s incompetence will not go unpunished. The next step is arbitration for pulling my credit with no intention of doing their job (visit Bachuwa Law if this has happened to you).



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