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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Applying for Credit Cards in Puerto Rico: Approved But Not Really

I thought moving to Puerto Rico would unlock more churn opportunities (see Looking to Churn? Move to Puerto Rico). It’s only unlocked more headaches. First, I applied for the Santander card and was approved only to never receive the card. They left a voicemail asking me to verify info. I called back and never could reach a banker. I applied for the Popular AA card. I was approved with an obscene credit line. I had to submit proof of income to an employee. I emailed her three times with no answer. I called and was transferred over and over. Usually, the calls ended up with me being transferred to the Miami branch and the agent telling me that they don’t offer AA cards. I would explain that I was a resident of Puerto Rico. Then I would be transferred again. Then the call would disconnect. Finally, I spoke to someone who said that it had been too long since my application and I would have to reapply again. Taking another hit on my credit was the last thing I wanted to do, but I did it anyway and applied over the phone. I was approved again. I sent my financial info again. Now, I wait. “Approved but not really,” continues.


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