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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Confirmed: E-Certs Can Be Gifted with Globalist Perks

I booked the Hyatt Grand Reserve Puerto Rico and was told at the hotel that I would receive the Globalist perks. I did not. Many had written in the comments that the solution for this is to gift the cert to me (see I Should Receive Globalist Perks with Ms. TPOL’s Booking). Today, Hyatt confirmed this.

I show that you did book your reservation at Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve Puerto Rico on that same day and then called in on the following day to apply the award. 

The Grand Reserve would not be able to apply your husbands Globalist benefits to your reservation since it was under your name. 

Yes, you are correct in that if you had gifted the free night award to your husband, and put the reservation under his name, you would have received the globalist benefits. Unfortunately, I am unable to make any changes now that you have completed your stay.

While that is great for future reference, I am still upset that I received a second-class stay. I am seeking millions in restitution! Stay tuned.

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