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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Cry Baby on Board

There was a cry baby on baord and it wasn’t me complaining about the medicore champagne on Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Seoul. I was seated in a great business class seat ready to pass out after too many days of traveling, not enough sleep, and probably too much to drink.

The business class cabin was empty except for a couple of travelers and a family of four that included a baby. I really wonder how much money people must have to spend on their infant children to travel business.Anyhow, shortly after a great dinner, the crying started and didn’t stop. Compounding the problem was the mom’s tactic of yelling shishhhhhhhh in response to the kid’s sobbing.

This went on for hours and even putting on noise cancelling headphones did not help that much. I eventually fell asleep and dreamt that I was yelling at the parents for being so stupid to fly their kids on business. Had I paid for my ticket as a real businessman I would’ve been extra pissed that my 10 hour flight that was supposed to be relaxing was interrupted by bratty children and unresponsive parents.

When I fly coach, I appreciate the orchestra of the babies crying, the compact seat that tests my contortionist skills, and the extra pack of peanuts that constitue dinner. That’s just a part of flying. But really I don’t think I’m out of line to expect peace even if I didn’t pay for the ticket when I’m sitting in what I think should be ‘adults only section.”

My frustration is not with the baby. Babies cry, that’s what they do but seriously ‘shish’ is the best you could do mommy?

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