Dancing Diplomacy: Why You Should Go to Nightclubs Abroad


Dancing Diplomacy is part of the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL where I break my 100 country count mark. See the World Map for where I’ve been.

It may not make sense to many that I travel the world to drink the same drinks, do the same Dougie, and experience the same hangover that I could at home. Some argue there is no cultural value in shots in Shanghai, bottles in Dubai, or Tremens in Tel Aviv.

Dubai 2008

That’s simply not true. Every traveler yearns to get the local, authentic experience.There’s nowhere better to do this than at the club. Here’s why:


Music connects people. If you’re an American traveling abroad and you hear Jay-Z in a club #ballsohard, you can’t help but sing along. This energy is contagious and you’ll soon find yourself dancing with a group of strangers. Alternatively, if you’re an American in Albania and you hear Albanian music, you may find Albanians teaching you the words and dances to their music. Making it rain may be a thing of the past but throwing napkins on the floor is not (see Folie Marine Albania: Party Like A Rockstar, BYOD).


Try walking up to a stranger in a foreign city and saying, “Hi, you want to hang out?” Chances are, you’ll receive a strange look. Do that at night in a venue that is playing music and serving drinks and you may receive the same reaction. Alternatively, you may make new friends who can provide advice on what to see and do in a given city better than any other guidebook or blog (see Ganbei! The Guide to Making Friends in China).


TPOL is very honest #nocollusion. Add in drinks and TPOL is a severely honest. The same is true for your foreign counterpart who will tell you all his/her world views, for better or worse. That honesty goes a long way to forging friendships that last.

A Reason to Keep Facebook

I do not like Facebook and would love to delete it. The only reason to keep it is for adding new people I meet while traveling. Over the years, I have kept in touch with many people via Facebook and have met up with them in random places throughout the world.

From Stockholm to Riga to Zurich 4 years later

After Hours 

When you’re at home, do you go to sleep when the bar closes? No. You go hang out with your friends and that’s when the fun begins. The same is true abroad. Meet some new people and you might find yourself on a motorbike going to a house party in the middle of nowhere in Bali. You might find yourself eating delicious fish at some unmarked restaurant in Shenzhen (Coco Park: A Night Out in Shenzhen).


Everyone wants to avoid tourist traps. The best way to do so is to ask your new friends where you should or should not go (see Amalfi Coast: A Beautiful Tourist Trap). 


Dancing diplomacy – it’s better than being lonely on this planet.


  1. Hey, if Ms. TPOL is good with you spending recreational time dancing and hanging out with other women, I think you should do so. For some reason, my wife is less understanding, but that’s how life goes sometimes.

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