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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Free Travel at Its Finest: Freddie Awards + New Orleans

The Free Travel at Its Finest post is part of Freddie Awards to New Orleans Binge Weekend Trip Report which covers:

Sometimes, you’ve got to live mas. But how to do so when you don’t want to spend money, especially on domestic travel? This is the issue I faced as I debated whether or not to attend my fourth Freddie Awards. The first and still the best was in Las Vegas (see Vegas, Missed Flight Misery). The next was almost as good in New Jersey (see Missed My Flight to NYC: The Freddies Strikes Again). Last year’s was also rough to get to (see JetBlue San Juan to NYC to Seattle: A Big Price to Pay for a Few Points Spent), but I still showed up mostly put together (see Arriving Wrinkle Free Thanks to Bluffworks).

Which brings me to the Freddy Awards 2019, hosted in one of the most boring big cities in America- Dallas. Last time I was here was to watch Michigan trick me into believing it was a good football team (see Michigan vs Florida: A Review Of Cowboy Stadium). I also made the usual rounds from bar to restaurant to bar (see Dallas, Texas: Food & Drink Party Guide). This time I won’t be straying too far from DFW as the awards are being held at the Museum of Flight.

Much like how I booked my trip to Trinidad for Carnival for free, this short getaway also is costing next to nothing.

Here’s how:

  • SJU-DFW: $5.60 + 7,500 Avios. I’m very lucky to have found a direct flight.
  • Hyatt Regency DFW: $0 + 8k/night
  • DFW-MSY: $83 but reimbursed thanks to my new Citi Prestige.
  • MSY Hyatts: $0 + 15k a night + stay cert
  • MSY-SJU: $5.60 + 15k points on Southwest

Grand Total: $0! The Citi Prestige will cover the $5.60 charges too. One day these points hustles will end. When that happens I’ll just stay in Puerto Rico. Until then I’ll do my best to travel for next to nothing. The award for sexiest booking to the Freddies may not go to me, but the one for most frugal probably should.

a bottle of liquid next to glasses of wine
2016 Freddie/Smart Water Award


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