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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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JetBlue San Juan to NYC to Seattle: A Big Price to Pay for a Few Points Spent

Before moving to Puerto Rico, I had to check it out for a few days. After four nights there, I contemplated staying and retrieving my stuff from Scottsdale later. A major reason why I did not do this was because my celebrity presence was required at the 2018 Freddy Awards. The only way to arrive there on time was to fly JetBlue from SJU, connect in JFK, and then head to SEA. The good news was that the flight only cost $5.60 + 16,200 points – 1,620 points for having the JetBlue card.

a screenshot of a computer

The bad news was this flight itinerary:

a screenshot of a flight

With no hotel booked the night of the 25th, I decided to stay out in Old San Juan in the hopes that I would not miss my flight to the awards which has been a problem for the last two years (see Vegas, Missed Flight Misery and Missed My Flight to NYC: The Freddies Strikes Again). I showed up to the airport in decent enough shape to board and endured the 4 hour flight to NYC. With my health rapidly declining, I spent 2 hours at JFK fast asleep and almost missed my connection to SEA. Unlike years past, I made my flight and endured another 6 hours in coach. JetBlue Mint was available for 80k points. An hour into the flight, that seemed like a bargain.

Traveling from Puerto Rico to NYC is easy, even on Delta, but getting to the west coast is no bueno if you want to be stingy with the points.




  1. It will be interesting to see your strategies for points and miles now that you are in PR. Awards out of SJU price differently and are rare to come by. Almost always have to purchase that segment separately.

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