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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Dear Marketing: Free Uber Rides Are Not A Great Promotion

Are you mad you clicked on this post because it is not what you expected? I know I’m always upset when I get an email from SPG, IHG, or anyone else for that matter that says ‘free Uber ride’. It doesn’t take but two seconds to realize that the promotion only applies to new Uber passengers.

Are there any new Uber passengers left? I just got my dad to sign up but besides him who doesn’t have Uber at this point? If you are one of the few please use my promo code so I can get Uber credit. (I’m not even providing it here because everyone has Uber!)

What really grinds my gears is that these promotions are in conjunction with hotel chains which have my email address because I am part of their loyalty program. It is highly unlikely that someone who is part of a loyalty program is such an infrequent traveler that he has never heard of Uber.

So if you work in the marketing department, please come up with a better promotion as these Uber emails are just as bad as spam.

Good day!

Uber hot air balloon, it will catch on.
Uber hot air balloon, it will catch on.


  1. Agreed. Like me and my friends have so many accounts that we can’t even remember! ( Are we the only few evil creatures doing this?) Uber needs to find a different way to reward or stimulate the existing population in the pool.

    • Lol. I’m sure you aren’t. The truly do. Here’s a thought: $20 for new riders, $10 for existing. $5 works too. $50 for providing proof you cancelled your Lyft account.

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