Devil’s Museum Kaunas: Every Single One of Us


Devil Museum Kaunas is part of the Iraq Homecoming Trip Report.

Am I the spawn of satan? Some blog readers might think so. Some opposing lawyers might say so. My actions would suggest the same: I’ve danced with the devil in Acapulco (see Where to Party? New Year’s Eve). I graduated law school from Arizona State (see TPOL in the Desert). I’ve swum in the Devil’s Pool in Zambia (see The Devil’s Pool Zambia: Loungin Atop Victoria Falls). And finally, I went to the Devil’s Museum in Kaunas.

The Lithuanian devil folklore was captivating.

There was also an exhibit showcasing devils from all over the world.

Even the bathrooms were devil inspired:

Naturally, I had to take the devil home with me (see Iraq Homecoming: Souvenir Price Index).

The devil’s ominous clouds hanging over PR.

Devil inside
The devil inside
Every single one of us
The devil inside

TPOL’s Tip: The Devil’s Museum is located at V. Putvinskio g. 64, Kaunas 44211, Lithuania

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