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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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DJI Pocket 2: The Compliment to My SkyDio Drone

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I always used to have a waterproof camera when I traveled. Since then, phones have become more water-resistant, eliminating the need for a separate camera. Then I purchased the Samsung Flip which is not waterproof at all. While on a private excursion to Culebra (see Please Continue to Hold…), I realized that I needed something to document trips around water. My last purchase was the SkyDio (see VIDEO: SkyDio 2 Inaugural Flight: Rio Mar, Puerto Rico), a drone that takes amazing video but is not very convenient for everyday use. That’s when I came across the DJI Pocket 2, a tiny device that takes both videos and photos. Add in the underwater case and my dream of revolutionizing this blog is getting closer to becoming a reality (see Skydio Is on the Way! Blogging, Vlogging, You, Me & TPOL Will Never Be the Same).

a man standing in water with a hat
Tense moments in Culebra taking this photo with the waves crashing towards the camera.


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