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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Hotel Pacai Vilnius: No Marriott Devaluation Here

Hotel Pacai Review Vilnius is part of the Iraq Homecoming Trip Report.

Do you know what Marriott benefits you receive when you stay at the Hotel Pacai Vilnius, a member of the Design Hotels? None. There was no free breakfast and there was no option to use a suite upgrade. Having said that, there was welcome champagne, even at 1:21am in the morning (see airBaltic: When It Finally Takes Off).

two glasses of champagne on a table a room with a fireplace and couches


I was ‘upgraded,’ leaving me to wonder what a standard room looked like in comparison. I had no complaints about the room itself. It had the amenities required for a restful stay: a comfortable bed, strong Wi-Fi, and a Nespresso machine.a bed with a headboard and a lamp a room with a bed and a desk a bed with white sheets and a lamp a bed with white sheets and a black headboarda black computer and two white cups on a wooden surface

Still vs. Sparkling 

I get very annoyed when I check into European hotels, and they have one bottle of still and one bottle of sparkling. Either have two of each or have still. Who’s waking up in the middle of the night craving sparkling? And who is drinking sparkling at room temperature? How am I supposed to hydrate myself and fill up the Nespresso?

two bottles of water on a table

a group of bottles and a glass of water on a table
The only sparkling should be the bubbles.


It was May when I stayed here and even then it was cold. The balcony is a nice area to relax, but I can’t imagine it being of much use most of the year.a chair and table on a patio


This was another loathsome euro shower tub. It did have the infinity function but I was barely able to fit underneath it.a bathroom counter with a towel and toiletries a bathroom with a sink and mirror a bathroom with a bathtub and a toilet

A Note on Light Switches 

As a never-ending remodeler, I appreciate the small touches like the tile work in the bathroom and this light switch.

a black box with a handle
Where else would you find such a granular review?

Hotel Itself

The original structure was built in 1677. It is a beautiful building that reminded me of one of my favorite hotels, the Park Hyatt Buenos Aires.

a street with cars parked on it
Hotel Pacai blending into the Old Town


I stayed here because it is located in the heart of old town. The Park Inn in Tallinn was a ten-minute walk to old town which is advantageous for those looking to avoid tourist traps (see Old Town? Tourist Trap Or Timeless) but inconvenient for those short on time looking to explore.

a building with a walkway and trees
Entrance from the street
a courtyard with tables and chairs and trees
a glass entrance to a building
Entrance from the street


Included in the stay was access to the sauna and Turkish dry hammam. I could only withstand the 80C sauna for a few minutes. The hammam was just right for a mid-day nap.

a shower with a shower head and a shower head
Golden shower
a wooden sauna with lights
a sink in a room
Turkish dry hammam
a tiled floor with a light on the wall
Place ot nap


I stayed for two nights at a nice price of 25k points per night. With Marriott’s never-ending devaluation, this was a steal in points and a good value considering the room goes for $235/night.


At Hotel Pacai, despite having status, I did not have any perks. Yet, somehow, I survived.



  1. I’m staying here next week. Is no breakfast for Platinum and above standard practice for Design Hotels (never stayed at one before)?

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