Hyatt Brand Explorer Free Night Earned From Anniversary Certificate


Last year I wrote that there is no time limit on earning a free night by being a Brand Explorer (see No Deadline for Earning Hyatt Brand Explorer Free Night). I recently hit the mark by staying at the following:

To complete the brand exploration, I booked a room at the Grand Hyatt Seoul where I used my Chase Hyatt certificate to stay for free. I didn’t realize this would count as a stay. I thought it would either have to be a paid stay or cash and points. While that may be the policy, the free stay via certificate worked for me.

Anyone else have the same experience? Will this groundbreaking post kill this loophole? Are bloggers to blame for global warming? Comment below.

TPOL’s TIP: Certificate expires after one year from date earned.



  1. Hilarious. All type of points/award nights count, points+cash count, and paid stays count. Even free certificates nights count now.

  2. For anyone paying attention to any of the hundreds of blog posts on boarding area about this change to Hyatt’s program it is obvious.

    Either you weren’t paying attention at all, or this is a major clickbait of a blog post.

    • Oh sorry I wasn’t on top of it. Came as a pleasant surprise for me. Thank you for ruining my joy with your negativity. And clickbait? TPOL’s is too clever to stoop to that tactic. If somehow you didn’t have a laugh, then maybe my blog isn’t for you.

      • Only obvious if you spend time reading or stay at Hyatt a lot, which you may not if you’re just hitting #5. The only real difference with the Chase free night is not being able to apply club upgrades.

        • I used to be diamond but gave up with this new stupid program. Also, this is a change from the original policy. So I agree, not obvious.

  3. Nice. I’m making use of the extra points for Hyatt Regency and Grand Hyatt stays generating extra points even when staying on awards. A sweet little added bonus.

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