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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Hurry! The Best Airport Bloody Mary Is Leaving Priority Pass

On my way to sunny Montana, I often stopped in Seattle. Regardless of my connection time, I always found a way to go to the Alaska Airline Boardroom SEA near the D gates for the Best Airport Bloody Mary, though I’m torn if the The Club at SJC’s is better. According to every blogger who broke the news (H/T Redundancy), the days of using your Priority Pass card are coming to an end. While I won’t miss how the Alaska Board Room serves Water On Tap, this latest devaluation of my Priority Pass membership is devastating. When Citi Prestige took away access to the Admirals Lounge, it wasn’t a big deal because the Priority Pass backup still gained holders access. Now, I have no way of getting my Bloody Mary fix. This big loss was not reported by any other blogger. And that’s why you read TPOL.

Goodbye forever, Alaska Bloody Mary. You will be missed.

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*Random observation: Why do I only have a review of the Bloody Mary and not the lounge? Priorities, another reason you turn to TPOL for your travel news.




  1. This really sucks for us Seattle PP users. Total available lounges goes from 5 in 5 different concourses, to 2. Both the remaining lounges are in super inconvenient spots if you fly either of the largest carriers domestically from Sea-Tac, Alaska and Delta: The ass-end of concourse A (crazy long walk from central terminal, neither airline operates from that end), and the South Satellite that requires a train ride (and no domestic flights except for HI).

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