Hyatt Centric Bourbon Street: Refuge from the Entry to Hell


Hyatt Centric Bourbon Street Hotel Review is part of Freddie Awards to New Orleans Binge Weekend Trip Report which covers:

Getting There: Uber is the best way to get to Bourbon.

I refer to Bourbon Street as the entrance to hell in my Guns & Butter: New Orleans Travel Guide post because it is. To be clear, there’s much more to New Orleans than Bourbon Street. But it’s impossible to say New Orleans, let alone go to New Orleans, without thinking of Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street is a one stop shop for all vices. It is an unrelenting force that will swallow you whole if you stick around for too long. What proof do I have? Take the drink specials: Where else in the world are there 3 for 1 drink specials? And why would anyone want 3 drinks at a time?

Bourbon Street ranks ahead of Time Square for the biggest tourist trap in the United States. From dancers to magicians to other sideshow acts, the overstimulation from Bourbon Street is something out of a horror movie or something from the Book of Revelation.

These signs bolster my point

Enter the Hyatt Centric Bourbon Street which has the dubious privilege of being located steps away from Bourbon. Enter the Hyatt Centric Bourbon street, literally this time, and you will find yourself at peace. First and most remarkably, you won’t hear any of the commotion coming from Bourbon Street when you’re in the hotel. Second and most importantly, you won’t be able to see the filth of Bourbon Street if you’re blessed to have a room with no windows.

The Room

Never before has a room been so comfortable. Never before has a room been so serene. Never before have I cared so little about not having a view.

Skeletons in Your Closet 

What skeletons do you have in your closet? If you’ve picked some up on Bourbon Street, there’s plenty of space for them in this room.

The Shower

Never before has a shower been so reinvigorating. Never before has a bathroom been such a sanctuary.

The Service 

My guardian angel was the staff who told me how and when to go to Jazz Fest and who never judged me after consecutive nights of remarkable binging (see New Orleans Travel Guide again).

Paying for My Sins

The best part of the Hyatt Centric was the price. At 12k points a night, this hotel is a steal (see Hyatt Regency Toronto: Please Don’t Devalue!).


If Lucifer tempts you to come to Bourbon Street, your best chance of getting out alive is to stay at the Hyatt Centric.

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