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Monday, July 15, 2024
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I Have No Filter

In an ongoing effort to spam humanity with blogs, tweets, posts, and snapchats, I’ve had to learn the game of social media. When I found myself signing up for a Tinder account just to promote the book Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong, I realized it was time to go to counseling.

Yesterday on my personal Facebook account I posted:

I’ve officially sold out; I post blogs, use hash tags, filter pics, and now make collages. 


Oh and I just said ‘smh’. FML

I received ‘likes’ across the board for this post. Maybe it was because my friends were agreeing that social media has gone too far or maybe it was because they are agreeing that I am a sellout. It’s been three weeks since I posted the most clicked ‘No One Listens to the Professor’ and the devolution of my evolution since then is remarkable.

The erosion of my moral compass for what is and what is not ‘douche’ behavior, for lack of a better term, seems to be unstoppable and perhaps unrecoverable. My goal when I started this blog thing was to get the word out about a book. I did not foresee that I could lose my soul in the process.

So all collages and hashtags aside, I am going to say F*!K the filter and go back to being the angry, old professor that you are beginning to know and love.

Now if I could just figure out how to setup my Tumblr . . .




  1. NO filter!!! I wish more people would walk around without a filter. It is exhausting to play pretend with what are supposed to be adults all day. I want to wear a t-shirt to work on casual Friday that says “polite as fuck.” What are your thoughts?

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