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Is It Cool to Sell Targeted Offers?

I’ve been trying to get my hands on an Amex Gold Open because it provides 3x points for advertising spend. One of my twelve jobs is online marketing for business professionals making this card worth getting. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I hit refresh the only offer I see on the Amex page is a 25k welcome bonus (a few times it did say 50k). In need of that hot 75k offer, I dug into forums hoping the savvy experts would show me the way to get the targeted offer. Though a few posted links, none of them worked.

I came across some people who were willing to sell their invite code for $50, $75, even $100. I think it would be worth the expense to pay $50 to get such an offer but something is off-putting about a random stranger profiting because they were lucky enough to be targeted.

That’s why I’ve went back to hitting refresh and hoping that the cardmatch tool one day gives me 100k MRs after $25 spent.

What do you think? Pay to play? Or wait?



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