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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Is This the Greatest Author Website Ever?

Aa ha! It is I Alexander the Author hijacking ThePointsOfLife page because I have 11 lowly Twitter followers on @AuthorIskender and I wanted to share the website I built today to promote my other favorite pastime, writing books.

Since I gave up modesty for Lent, I have to answer ‘yes’ to the question in the title of the post. I’m sure some of those angries (check out the comments on that post) will dissent and make their feelings known below. But a little click-bait never hurt anyone especially because I’m proud of all the work I did to put the site together.

Check it out!


Sorry guys,

It is I ThePointsOfLife. This guy really doesn’t get that nobody cares about his books. I’m changing the password tonight and will teach everyone how to fly to the moon on points tomorrow.





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