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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Keep Vs. Cancel: Amex Business Platinum

I’m supposed to write these posts after calling and seeing if there is a retention offer. While I will make that call out of curiosity, I can write this post ahead of time to say that based on this email, I am confident that I will not receive a strong retention offer.

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Even if I receive a higher offer, I cannot justify the annual fee of $695. Do you recall when the annual fee was $450? That was a big deal back then. Amex will say that the perks of the card offset the annual fee. I disagree.

I don’t care about the $10 monthly wireless credit. It is a pain to have to remember to use my card every month not to miss out on the savings. After purchasing digital photo frames, Wonderboom speakers, podcast Shure microphones (which I have yet to use), I have nothing left to buy from Dell. I tried to hire an employee for Bachuwa Law using my Indeed credits, but the caliber of candidates left more than much to be desired. I have yet to see my Adobe purchases credited, an ongoing fight that I have yet to resolve. Trying to make use of the airline statement credit is more difficult than ever. Desperate to use it, I became a member of the Spirit Saver$ Club. These examples show that Amex’s benefits require more work than they are worth. Above all, why would anyone pay the annual fee when you can, T’s & C’s permitting, apply for this card over and over and over again?


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