Keep Vs. Cancel: Amex Hilton Honors Business Card


I canceled Amex Platinum Charles Schwab. The time had come to decide whether I was going to Keep Vs. Cancel the Hilton Honors Business card. For those in a hurry, the quick answer is I canceled because the $95 gets you next to nothing. For those looking to stay around, let me tell you what I mean by nothing.

The one feature you do receive is Hilton Gold. If you have an imminent stay at a Hilton, then that is well worth the $95 annual fee which includes free breakfast and 4PM check out. If you’re in no rush to stay at a Hilton, there are other cards that offer the benefit.

You’ll want free breakfast at the Conrad Maldives if you want to remain a millionaire after you leave.

Bonvoy Hilton Business! See what I did there?




  1. Just made same decision yesterday for same basic reasons.. I do question $95 for bfast and late checkout– not worth it to me. This left me without PP coverage, but recent PP needs yielded closed or restricted-access lounges, so go no value out of the PPs anyway. Left $35K credit line on the table, but not willing to pay AF just to save the CL. Further, the opportunity cost of $15K on a crappy earning card is substantial unless Vendoming with the free night.

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