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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Keep vs. Cancel: Chase Ink Preferred

Pre-Covid, the answer for Keep vs. Cancel? has been cancel. TPOL has become increasingly frugal. Post-Covid, the answer has been cancel! Who has $495 to pay for a travel rewards card (see Keep Vs. Cancel: Citi Prestige)? This brings me to the Chase Ink Preferred. The annual fee of $95 is due and I plan on calling Chase to see if the fee can be waived. They haven’t waived it in the past, but I’m hoping that they will this time. I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m not canceling the card no matter what. First, I can’t get approved for a new Chase card because of their stupid rules which I predict will change during this economic disaster. Second, the 3X for digital marketing for Bachuwa Law is how I accumulate UR’s, what I consider to be the best points currency. If you don’t read a follow-up post regarding my call to Chase, it is safe to assume that they did not waive the $95.




  1. This is the best credit in the world for me.

    I have two of them, and max out the 3x points easily each year.

    I’ve got an application pending for a 3rd that I could also max out, so, hoping the good people at the reconsideration desk like me 🙂

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