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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Last Call: Giveaway to Puerto Rico

Guess where I am? Same spot as I was before. Since I never received a reply from the winner of the March Madness tournament (see Whatnameissnttaken2: Claim Your Free Trip to PR!) and since Lost in Cebu is probably still stuck in Cebu, it’s time to end this giveaway. Whoever comments on this post will be put into a drawing for the one-way flight to PR, not to exceed $200. Participant must play in TPOL’s Twighlight Golf Leagues which takes place weekly on Saturday @ 4:30PM. Contest ends in one week. Flight must be booked before end of 2021. Vaccine required.

a golf ball on a golf course




  1. I guess I can try to play golf Happy Gilmore style. Only time I can come is Labor Day Monday through that Wednesday. Or you can come to Miami again .

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