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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Step 2: Make Tuesday Humpday

We are well on our way learning how to Step 1: Enjoy #ThePointsOfLife.

As I stated in this post, the points game is only Step 1 out of 10. Now it’s time to preview Step 2 of my book, Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine, which tells you how to make a change to your current routine today.

Fitting that I am posting this on a Tuesday evening right before tomorrow’s workday.

Without further adieu I give you Step 2: Make Tuesday Hump Day

Although you can now overindulge on steak and wine by heading to Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE) with a stopover in Mendoza (MDZ), Enjoying your #PointsOfLife to get you there, you eventually (one week later) have to return to your cubicle where your coworkers do not care to hear about, nor can they relate to, your travel exploits. With each trip, the confines of the cubicle grow more and more intolerable. Fear not, by Step 10, your former life will provide you with comic relief.

Park Hyatt Buenos Aires
Complimentary Suite Upgrade
Mendoza Malbec Wine Cellar

Transitioning from the metaphorical chokehold of the cubicle to a life of purpose can be a daunting task. Most of us are just trying to get through the work week, praying that, one day, one of our entrepreneurial seeds will germinate. This passive strategy is not enough. Changes, no matter how small, must be made to our current routine because waiting for a better life to show up while our best years pass us by is not an option.

the confinement of the cubicle

A novel concept of my own creation is to move ‘hump day’, the day obstructing us from our weekend, from Wednesday to Tuesday. This revolutionary idea really annoyed my coworkers. I would come in to work on Tuesday saying, “Oh today is Hump Day- the weekend is right around the corner.” They would angrily protest, “Wednesday is Hump Day!” and that I could not arbitrarily change it to Tuesday. Complain as they might, I was happy on Wednesday because I had mentally overcome another work week.

The shifting of Hump Day from Wednesday to Tuesday is important for two reasons: First, it is a symbol of defiance, nonconformity, and mental tenacity. Why get sucked into the lulls of the office and resign your fate as just another employee drifting week after week, month after month, through such a bitter existence? Second, it really highlights the stupidity of today’s work environment. How silly is it that there is a ‘hump day’ in the first place and how silly is it that my coworkers were outraged that I changed it to Tuesday? The latter point is worth extra reflection.

In spite of making this adjustment, you still have to deal with the remaining days of the week. The problem with office life is that the routine is so repetitive that you unconsciously surrender to day-to-day annoyances. You accept these aggravations because of the small perks that make work marginally more tolerable.

It is critical to analyze these ‘perks’ which I have labeled as distractions in order to put them into perspective. By doing this, you can finally snap out of the tiresome cycle of making a superficial New Year’s resolution, and work for real change, change we can believe in.

Distraction 1: The Tasty Treat 


Preview ended: No worries, all ten distractions will be outlined in the book.

Pre-order link coming soon.



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