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Michigan to Spokane via Winter Storm Juno

I love Southwest Airlines especially because I’ve had the companion pass going on year 3. But one thing I do not appreciate is their backwards routing. At the time of booking due to low points requirements or cheap tickets, I rationalize that I wouldn’t mind flying east to go west, change planes, and arrive 10 hours later instead of 3.

Then storms like Juno come around and I question if being a points hoarder is worth the trouble. This Tuesday I leave from Flint to Spokane and have to connect in Baltimore then change planes in Denver. The good news is all the extra bags from Mongolia fly free. The bad news is that I am sure I’ll get stuck somewhere along the way.

My point hoarding ways may lead to a bigger headache than this blizzard in the event I get stranded somewhere without all of my luggage.

The journey starts Tuesday. Why I’m going to Spokane is a post for another day.







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