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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Mongolian BBQ (for sale)

As some of you may know I am taking ThePointsOfLife on the road to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia this summer. The book release party will occur somewhere in the countryside so I hope all of you can attend.

In the mean time, I am selling everything in round two of my epic fire sale (the first described in full detail in Part 1: Trial And Mostly Error of the book Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine)

One of the last items I have to sell is my BBQ and let me tell you, buyers off of Craig’s List are very particular about their BBQ’s even if it is being sold for next to nothing.

So to have some fun and to fill in a slow Friday blog day, I have reproduced this epic Craig’s List post for your enjoyment. Of course, if you are in the Phoenix area, please come by and buy it!

The actual posting is here, but here is what I wrote since that link will eventually go dead.


A few months ago tragedy struck my condo complex as the HOA outlawed all BBQ’s. Distraught, I could never bring myself to sell the grill. The real victims besides all the hungry bellies were the uncooked chicken breasts, the tender cuts of steak, and the often ignored corn on the cob that lay idle, hoping to once again be reunited with the spark of fire from the ever ending tank of propane.That, my good friends, is where you come in. Please come by and purchase this piece of All-American history and continue the tradition of joy and jamboree that only a Weber Genesis Silver Grill circa 2006 can provide.Behold those ten inch rim that come standard with this one of a kind grill as well as the accompanying side table where you can place pounds of pork chops. Relish in the accompanying tools that make BBQing a painless process for even the most novice of Qers.Worried about flavor? Those charred burners are not proof of wear and tear. No my friends, those are proof of taste and triumph. This grill has years if not decades left in its [propane] tank.Finally, take comfort in knowing that the propane tank is basically full, saved from the late night raid of the evil HOA enforcer, better known as Mel.My friends come be a part of history today and purchase this grill, then go home and make history yourself.

This has been a free Craig’s List post for a Weber Genesis Silver Grill. All sales are final. Red Cadillac excluded (unless you want to take over the lease).


They 10’s but I keep ’em clean though
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