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Monday, July 22, 2024

Myanmar Is Closed

Myanmar is closed. That’s what a piece of paper said outside the embassy today when I went to put in my visa application.

No announcement on their website, no national holiday, and no other reason given as to why they were closed.

Worse, I had to book a flight to Yangon before I went to the embassy to meet the ‘urgency’ requirement so the visa could be processed the same day. Now, I have to wait till Monday to see if the country will be open which messed up my perfect itinerary.

AirAsia, unlike American carriers, does not allow a cancellation within 24 hours without penalty. I have to write a strongly worded letter to see if I can receive a refund should I chose to change my flight.

The whole thing could’ve been avoided if Myanmar announced to me and a whole group of tourists who arrived there promptly at 9AM that they were closed for business today.

Another visa failure from yours truly. How many is that in the last 3 months?


Another night in Bangkok.
Another night in Bangkok.
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