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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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No Recon, Devals, MS Issues: What to Do?

For the past few weeks our way of life has been under siege. It started with the Serve shutdowns, continued on with the Hyatt DSUs expiring, grew more complicated with Chase’s churn crackdown, and culminated with the AA deval. Besides wishful thinking about Anbang still buying SPG, there is little to write about in the world of points. Although I still have some mins to hit, I am enjoying what feels like the off-season in terms of juggling all aspects of the points process.

With no imaginary trips to plan, I am able to see how much time and energy this pastime requires. While it makes for great blog content, keeping up with the latest news, getting the latest offers, and making reservations before devaluations strike is more than a part-time job. I can almost see why those outside of our industry think that we are crazy. Then I look at my upcoming trip to Tahiti which starts on Emirates Shower Class and realize that they are the crazy ones for not getting in on the action.

Per usual, when there is no breaking points news, TPOL goes back to Trip Report writing, a cathartic exercise for validating the points hustle process.

Thank you for reading.

See you soon Dubai
See you soon Dubai

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