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It’s Not Kuta, But Should I Live in Bali? Vote Today

Voting is underway for where TPOL should move in December. Wherever readers say I should go, I will go. Each week I’ll feature two cities, one ranked the highest according to Nomad List and the one ranked at the bottom of the list.

In the words of Carlton Banks, “Hardy har har.” I find it funny that so many are voting for me to move to Albania. As I said before, “There’s nothing you can do to me that Castro has not done.” I’ll go there with a smile. In case, you want me to come to your wedding, let me suggest other cities.

Coming in at number 2 and 3 for the best places to live (with good Wi-Fi, a pleasant climate, and a budget of less than $1500/month) is Cangu and Ubud which are both in Bali. I’ve been to Bali twice. The first time was for New Years and the other time was to visit Michael Jeries before he moved to Thailand. Each time I stayed in the filthy party paradise of Kuta.

From what I read, Cangu and Ubud are nothing like Kuta, thankfully. Still, I’m not sure I would want to live on an island away from the hustle and bustle of a big city [INSERT ALBANIA TOURISM AD HERE].

Per usual, it’s up to you to decide.

TPOL's new home?
TPOL’s new home?

Imagine having to live at the Bounty Hotel for 4 months.



  1. I dont see Faluja, Iraq, you have the ability and means to help your people, instead of pictures of tacos and beer around the world.

  2. Be thankful we’re not voting on a name for you, or you would be Boaty McBoatface.

    Putting your life decisions up to a vote for strangers on the Internet is a case of getting what one deserves.

  3. Ubud is nothing like Kuta.
    And DPS has lots of international flights, so if you get island fever, you can get to most major Asian and Australian cities for cheap!

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