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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Now Boarding All Passengers to…

It was all a dream. A year ago I went into [forced] retirement and decided to focus on completing the book. A year later the book is complete and I’m going back to work.

This time it won’t be in the cubicle so it doesn’t run afoul to the message of Part 2: Take Control of Your Vacation. I’m sitting in Riga International Airport waiting to go to Istanbul for the second time. The first time was March 2013 when I was still a professor of law.

I’m not going to be long winded and reflected on all that has transpired but wow does life happen quickly.

Before I do hunker down and work hard, now that I’ve overdone ‘play hard’, I’m going to enjoy some more points privileges as I try out businesss class on Turkish Airlines to Istanbul then onto Seoul then onto Beijing then Air China to Mongolia.

I cleverly snuck in a 23 hour and 50 minute layover taking advantage of a rule that allows layovers so long as it is under 24 hours. With that ‘free’ time I’m going to stop by the Park Hyatt for some unneeded R&R.

Then it’s off to Mongolia for good. Better yet, for great!




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