NYC Blizzard 2016: The Points Prison


The novelty of this blizzard has worn off. I’m staring at my points balances wondering why I didn’t pull the trigger to the Caribbean in anticipation of Jonas. Instead, I’m sitting here talking to myself via the blog simultaneously wondering when snow became a newsworthy event. In Michigan, a blizzard just meant that we drove 10 miles an hour to get to where we needed to go. In the East coast, snow means that life comes to a grinding halt. It is remarkable that Mother Nature packs enough power to force the cancellation of thousands of flights.

Cars aren’t allowed on the road, trains and buses aren’t in operation, and even the gym is closed. Tomorrow is the NFC and AFC Championship game and I’ll be damned if I have to sit in this apartment because of flakes of crystalline water ice that falls from clouds.

Like a mistake fare sale, the lesson in anticipation of a blizzard is to book now and ask questions later. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself perusing Seamless for unhealthy dinner choices and paying a premium for it when you could be drinking a pina colada elsewhere.

Seychelles dreaming on a cold winter day
Seychelles dreaming on a cold winter day


  1. I’m stuck at a Travelodge outside of NYC. How do you think I feel right now? My stupid boss with hair plugs booked me here. I wanted the Aloft, I felt that was a sensible affordable option. There’s snow in my room! Yeah! Apparently a rat has been tunneling through this room, Andy Dufresne style. I wonder if I can file a complaint with my Burlington Coat Factory MasterCard. I don’t want AMEX judging me because I’m staying here. Hence, why I put it on my flimsy ass MasterCard. I probably could have paid them in Casio watches like John Candy did. I miss John Candy. Imagine the hilarious movies he still would be making. Now we to deal with some shit head named Zach Effron or whatever. I mean he’s handsome and all. But, lez be honest, John Candy reigns supreme folks. Anywho, if you or someone could use their hotel tonight app and put me at the The Plaza hotel that would be great. I’d like a hotel room please, with an extra large bed, a TV, and one of those little refrigerators you have to open with a key. Credit Card? Yeah. Put it on my Burlington Coat Factory MasterCard. I think it’s probably maxed out. Travelodge put a 20 dollar hold on my card.

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