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Citrus Bowl Stadium: Where Even the Band Battles

The Citrus Bowl Stadium review is part of the Trip Report: Citrus Bowl 2016 which covers the following cities:

  • Orlando, Florida
  • Miami, Florida

Read the Overview here: Points Make It Possible and the Golf Preview here: This Round’s on Trump. I’m including the Delta Sky Club Salt Lake City as part of the Citrus Bowl Trip Report even though it was part of my move to New York in 2015.

We play to win the game.

TPOL travels to explore. First class is great and swanky hotels are lovely but you still have to leave the Prison of Posh if you deem yourself to be a world explorer. For sports fans, this means traveling the globe, often into enemy territory, to support your alma mater. On January 1st, 2016 I went to Orlando to see Michigan play the University of Florida in the Citrus bowl for what would be the third time that Michigan has beaten this worthy adversary in this match up.

While the stadium cannot compare in size to the Big House in Ann Arbor, the bowl game experience can’t be beat. There’s a raging tailgate, no open container laws, and, of course, the ball game where the leftovers from the Big Ten meet the ugly stepchild of the SEC.

On the field, the players battle for territory with power and might. In the stands, the fans battle with standard insults ranging from ‘Tebow molests collies’ to ‘App State!’ On the concourse, the band battles everyone by blasting the school’s fight songs and by setting up a blockade to prevent certain Michigan fans from getting to their seats.

Tickets went for $90 through the university though there were plenty of scalpers on the scene leaving me to wonder if I could have hustled better tickets than the decent ones I procured.

The final score was Michigan 41 Florida 7 though the real winner were the refreshment stands selling water at $3/bottle on a day where the sun was more oppressive than the staunch Michigan defense.

2016-01-01 13.05.20
The blimp, high in the sky
2016-01-01 16.13.14
Picking up the tickets at will call
MI vs FL
The clown crew
Getting in
Fighting through the band, one of us didn’t get through
Pre game: Our seats were at the exact opposite corner of where we were
Club seats
2016-01-01 13.00.00
MI takes the field
Michigan band
Walk to the seats
Decent seats
MI scores
MI wins making all the points spent well worth it

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