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Aloft Orlando: Life Outside of Disney

The Aloft Orlando Hotel Review is part of the Trip Report: Citrus Bowl 2016 which covers the following cities:

  • Orlando, Florida
  • Miami, Florida

Read the Overview here: Points Make It Possible and the Golf Preview here: This Round’s on Trump. I’m including the Delta Sky Club Salt Lake City as part of the Citrus Bowl Trip Report even though it was part of my move to New York in 2015.

Getting There: If you don’t want to spend $30 on Uber, spend $2 to take the bus to downtown.

Usually when I go to Orlando it’s to visit my main man Donald Duck. This time I went to Orlando to see Michigan destroy Florida in the Citrus Bowl and party for NYE.

The Location 

The hotel is centrally located in downtown Orlando. It is not convenient if you want to go to Universal Studios or Disney World but it is convenient if you want to see the sorry Magic play or go to the Citrus Bowl. It’s also walking distance to the downtown bars and great nachos. The cost of the room at the time was 10,000 points or $300 which would be pretty steep for an Aloft if it wasn’t NYE.

aloft orlando hotel review
Aloft Orlando
2015-12-31 19.20.44
NYE champagne downtown
aloft orlando hotel review
Nachos downtown

The Room 

I was upgraded to a suite, a first for me at an Aloft hotel. The room was too big and had an awkward setup. The entrance had its own TV and chairs for which I could not imagine a useful purpose. The living room had some artsy chairs and a comfortable couch. The rest of the room was the standard Aloft setup that I rather enjoy.

2015-12-31 17.00.45
Weird entrance room
2015-12-31 17.01.02
Aloft bathroom
Aloft soap
Aloft soap
2015-12-31 17.01.16
Aloft water + coffee
Aloft ice bucket
Aloft ice bucket
2015-12-31 17.01.28
Aloft double
2015-12-31 17.01.42
Aloft double
2015-12-31 17.01.52
Revolving TV
2015-12-31 17.02.05
Aloft living room
2015-12-31 17.02.15
Aloft living room
2015-12-31 17.02.26
View of bustling downtown
2015-12-31 17.03.27
Aloft art chair
2015-12-31 17.03.34
Aloft art pillow
2015-12-31 17.03.47
Aloft art clock

The Hotel 

This is a cool Aloft hotel. The bar area, the patio, and the pool trick you into thinking that you are in Miami not Orlando. The party for NYE was lively but I needed to get to sleep to wake up for the Michigan tailgate so I couldn’t get too crazy.

2016-01-01 09.40.18
Aloft Orlando
2016-01-01 09.40.24
Aloft patio
2016-01-01 09.40.07
Aloft patio
2015-12-31 17.27.08
Aloft pool
2015-12-31 17.27.21
Aloft Miami style
2015-12-31 17.28.38
Aloft NYE party prep
2015-12-31 17.31.41
wxyz bar
2015-12-31 17.25.02
Aloft Christmas
2015-12-31 17.25.30
Aloft lobby
2015-12-31 17.25.52
Aloft Orlando

The Service 

Per Aloft standard, the service was excellent. From helping me figure out how to check in via SPG Keyless app to collect the bonus points (this defeats the purpose I know), the staff went out of their way to make sure I felt welcome.

2015-12-31 17.26.45
Aloft VIP


There’s not much to do in downtown Orlando which is why I’ll be skipping the Orlando Travel Guide but if you do happen to visit, I would definitely recommend the Aloft Orlando.

2015-12-31 17.26.36
Aloft bar
2015-12-31 17.29.21
Aloft libations
2015-12-31 17.41.12
Aloft libations

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