Phantom Availability Solved? New Delta Website to Blame?


Yesterday, I wrote a beautiful metaphorical post on how Delta’s website is the Phantom of the Opera. Delta’s customer service tried to blame China Southern. Today, I am more convinced that Delta is to blame. Look at what happened when I logged in and tried like a dope to book the flight again:

The new doesn’t give the option of 5 week calendars from the outset. It shows the date selected. From there, you can pick calendar schedule. Is it a coincidence that this new website no longer shows phantom availability? Or did Delta read my post and decide that it can’t drop chandeliers on the general public?

Either way, ’tis very strange!


  1. It’s absolutely Delta’s fault. Don’t be surprised if they don’t want to take the blame for their mistakes, since that’s been their MO for some years now.

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