Simply The Best: July 2019


Numbers are up! People are reading again! That’s the good news. The bad news is that people only like posts about booking flights. Posts about getting haircuts in Albania? Not so much. Will I give the readers what they want in August or will I write what I like? I’m sure you can guess what I will do.

Here are the top posts for the month of July:

  1. Booked! ANA RTW: 22,000 Miles in Glorious Business

    I once wrote, Devaluation? I Laugh in the Face of Devaluation, and I am happy to say, I still do.
  2. Angle Flat Lufthansa: My First Points Flight Review

    Oh Alex was so young, so naive.
  3. Award Booking OCD = Fortnite Addiction

    I’ve never played Fornite. I don’t know what it is about. All I know is that it’s addicting. There’s a website which teaches parents how to deal with their kids’ addiction. There needs to be such a website for award booking addicts.
  4. Guns & Butter: New Orleans Travel Guide (Binge Edition)

    Thank you New Orleans for this memorable binge weekend. I will need at least a year to recover before I consider going back.
  5. Happy 4th: Don’t Miss 30 for 30, The Good, The Bad, The Hungry‎

    I’m still a big fan of Kobayashi and hope that one day he reclaims his title and is given the proper credit he deserves for what he has achieved. In honor of Kobayashi, this 4th of July, I will scour the island of Puerto Rico in search of a morcilla eating contest.
  6. The Finer Things: Where to Eat & Drink in Toronto

    Kawhi wanted to go home. Had he stayed in Toronto he could have had food and drink, among other things, for free.
  7. Vote Where TPOL Moves AFTER Albania…And I’ll Go!

    As they said in 2016, vote early, vote often: #nocollusion #noobstruction


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