Vote Where TPOL Moves AFTER Albania…And I’ll Go!


Ladies and Gents,

The moment of truth is upon us: Mueller is finally testifying about the election. Obviously, I’m referring to the controversial Vote Where TPOL Moves Next! And I’ll Go There, in which the overwhelming majority of voters or bots (depending on what you believe), wanted me to go to Tirana, Albania. I tried to call for a new election (see Vote Where TPOL Moves in December (For Real This Time)), but by then, interference or not, I had lost my credibility.

To rectify the situation, I held a runoff vote (see Tirana, Taipei, Lisbon, Or Bangkok: The Runoff Vote!), and once again the readers chose Tirana. Having gone to Albania as part of the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL, I welcomed the opportunity to honor the results of the election (see TPOL Is Moving to Albania! (Eventually)) but was detoured by the warm weather in Scottsdale (see TPOL Moves to Scottsdale: My Drive to the Desert).  I was further delayed by the best decision of my life: moving to Puerto Rico (see Despacito! TPOL Is Moving to Puerto Rico! Effective Inmediatamente).

Now, I’m relocating to Shanghai during hurricane season (follow the 再見 Puerto Rico, TPOL in Shanghai Trip Report here), coming back to beautiful Puerto Rico, and then heading to Albania in the spring. To make life fun and to prove to voters once and for all that TPOL is trustworthy and not a mamab*&#! #rickyrenuncia, I’m having another election to decide my home after Albania. The criteria for the finalists is as follows:

Here are the cities in alphabetical order and the corresponding Nomadlist ranking:

  • Kiev, Ukraine (#10)
  • Minsk, Belarus (#44)
  • Tallinn, Estonia (#35)
  • Tbilisi, Georgia (#60)
  • Vilnius, Lithuania (#31)

Voting is open from today and ends one week after I complete my recap of all the choices available. Judging by my laziness as a blogger (see Hangover = Blogger Malpractice?), that may be when I arrive in Albania.

As they said in 2016, vote early, vote often: #nocollusion #noobstruction

The old polls:




  1. 1. Oslo, Norway. You haven’t visited, if I interpret your map correctly.
    2. Muscat, Oman, If you have been to 1 and I am mistaken
    3. Vilnius, Lithuania. If i must choose this among your list

  2. Minsk has a cat museum, so I’m pretty sure it’s a no brainer. Of course, the Belarusian authorities have been known to be prickly, so living there could be problematic.

    • Yes, that was my concern. Obviously, if I can’t find a place to live, it’ll have to be scrapped. No one can blame me for that!

  3. Forget Tallinn,Kiev,Vilnius and Tbilisi if you want practice Russian,you gonna offend natives there. Choose Minsk, you will not have a problem with authorities and safety but do not stay here in Winter. The ugly Soviet architecture and shitty weather makes a depression.

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