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Pho in the Morning: Pho32 KoreaTown

While it might not quite be four in the morning, there is a place to get pho in the morning and a delicious one at that.
Disgruntled from the pho in Chinatown, I headed to Koreatown to Pho 32 for some late night breakfast. The place was empty but the owner was more than happy to serve me a bowl of piping hot pho at the price point of $10.75 a serving. Though a bit expensive, considering the time the price would be worth it if the taste fit the bill.
I skipped the spring rolls and ordered. Within seconds, I was presented a clear bowl with loads of beef and an ample amount of noodles. The portion of sprouts and cilantro were modest but I’m sure he would’ve offered more had I asked.
As is custom, I took a few slurps of the naked broth and waited to see how my taste buds would react. ‘Finally, Phoking pho,’ I said aloud, relieved that I had, at the least, found a good pho spot for late night craving. I added the sriracha, hoisin, and sprouts and grew more excited as the perfectly uncooked beef started to take a brown color.
Distracted by the eu-pho-ria and ignoring Western etiquette, I lifted the bowl with two hands and sipped the final drops of broth.
As quickly as the bowl had come it was gone and so was my craving for pho, at least for this morning/evening.
2016-01-20 00.50.57
Pho 32
2016-01-20 00.51.02
Korean food available as well
2016-01-20 00.55.26
Big bowl, small sides
Naked pho
Standard supplements
Pho 32
Sad to be halfway done
Time to go to sleep


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