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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Pho Pasteur ChinaTown: It’s No Halal, Guys

Looking for some sustenance post a night out on the town? The natural reaction for pho lovers is to stumble to the nearest pho shop that is open late night. If you’re in Koreatown, TPOL recommends Pho 32. If you’re in Chinatown the obvious choice may be Pho Pasteur because of its central location on Baxster Street, recognizable name (see Pho Boston), and inviting interior.

Alas, Pho Pasteur Chinatown is all show and no pho. The broth is bland, the meat is sparse, and the spring rolls are average. Pho for two along with a beer came out to $30 and I didn’t even order the customary extra big bowl. For that same price, I could’ve feasted at a Halal Truck. Following the disappointment of Hoboken’s pho and now this one in Chinatown, I’m beginning to believe the search for a great, consistent, affordable bowl of pho in this city is a pointless expedition.

Pho Pasteur
2016-02-26 21.36.07
Not the worst prices but not the best quality
2016-02-26 21.41.38
Generous with the peanut sauce but not the spring rolls
2016-02-26 21.44.36
Looks fresh
2016-02-26 21.48.02
Ready to go
2016-02-26 21.49.09
Not bad but not great




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