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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Pho Yo Review

Do you believe it, it’s been a few months and we are still on the air. As I wrote last week, two of my top posts of all time have to do with timeless Pho Sho: Top 10 Pho Worldwide.

Before I get going with the countdown and reveal the top places to get pho in the world, just like Casey Kasem would never forget to do, I need to have a quick recap of Pho Not #10, #10, #9, #8, and #7.

I began by revealing the shocking truth that New York had abysmal, disgraceful pho in ChinaTown of all places.

Pho No!


Then things really heated up when I revealed #10:

#10: Red Light Pho: Surrounded by vices and virtue, this pho restaurant is in the heart of the Red Light District in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


#9: Trick Or Treat? Hong Kong Pho Halloween talked about phogetting your problems for a memorable Halloween fiesta, right in the heart of Hong Kong.


#8: Pho-Nix Hotness: My home (for the time being) where the pho and the thermometer can reach the same temperature with only the latter being enjoyable. I need to add that Pho Thanh needs a little help in its water replenishment services, especially now that we are breaking 3 digits outside.



#7: Pho Peace Summit: Shanghai, China: Secretary of State John Kerry must read ThePointsOfLife because he was recently in Asia trying to broker some phormal agreement among China, Japan, and Philippines on the issue of who owns what in the South China Sea.


#6 is on its way, sooner than later. I’ll give you a hint, a man once broke out of prison and swam all the way to his freedom just to get a bowl!


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