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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Fast Bloody: The Other Priority Pass Lounge in Puerto Rico

Priority Pass Lounge Review Puerto Rico is part of Freddie Awards to New Orleans Binge Weekend Trip Report which covers:

I found it! The Priority Pass apps says to go left out of security, through the duty free, and the lounge will be on the right. I went through the TSA PreCheck line and ended up at the Avianca Lounge, the other Priority Pass option at SJU. I wandered beyond that lounge and ended up at the C gates. The Lounge Puerto Rico is at the A gates so either 1.) The lounge doesn’t exist. 2.) I was in the wrong place.

Although my flight was boarding soon and I am scared of being late (see Boarding Announcement Paranoia), I was committed to finding this damn lounge once and for all.

Right before I arrived at gate A5, I finally found it. Had I come through the normal security line, the directions would’ve made sense. a sign on a wall

Like Santa with M&M’s: it does exist.  With no time to waste, I took some standard photos and got into bar tending mode. Sure it would’ve been easier to skip the drink, but what sort of super hero blogger would that make me? It may not have been my best work (as a blogger or mixologist), but it got the job done. Not to mention that it’s still better than the build your own bloody at Delta MSP.

a buffet with drinks and beveragesa shelf with bottles and glasses

a refrigerator with cans of beer
Abre la Medalla

a room with blue chairs and a television a bar with chairs and a table a room with a bar and chairs a tray of food on a table a glass of bloody mary and a blue bottle of liquid



  1. I am surprised; along with being happy for you that you were able to make your own bloody mary in Puerto Rico. I.E. See 11-19-15 post tha;t you were not happy with MSP sky club Bloody Mary post. Like I have always commented on I do really like your blog despite your struggles with bloody mary’s in MSP Snowball

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