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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Priority Pass Lounge San Juan: A Good Start

The Priority Pass Lounge Review San Juan is part of the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL where I break my 100 country count mark. See the World Map for where I’ve been.

I’ve flown out of San Juan airport multiple times. The last time was that terrible flight on JetBlue from SJU-JFK-SEA. This time the flight was direct from San Juan to Madrid flying Iberia business. For a small airport, the lounge is pretty cool. The food selection was just what the doctor ordered. After weeks of the pre-vacation Tahiti Diet, the spaghetti and meat sauce hit the spot. In need of more tomatoes, I complimented my dinner with my own Blood Mary creation.

The Lounge Itself

a sign on a wall a sign on a wall a screen with a schedule on it


There’s plenty of seating from the dining room, to the self-service bar, to a TV room, a sleeping room, and a quiet room. a red chair and luggage in a room a group of people sitting in a room a room with white tables and chairs and a television a group of chairs in a room a room with red chairs and tables a room with chairs and a television a white couch and red chairs in a room with a black shade

The Bar

a group of bottles of alcohol on a shelf a group of cans on a shelf a container with a bottle in it and many glasses a can of beer next to a glass of liquid

The Food

a food in a bowl a plate of spaghetti and meat on a white surface a coffee machine and coffee maker on a counter


I am happy this is my home lounge.



  1. I’ve been to that lounge a couple of times, once right after the Hurricanes. I wasn’t lucky enough to see any good eats but it was definitely a better place to rest than the mad house of an airport.

  2. Nice review. My wife and I are going to be traveling through there in late October so this is good info. By the way we get in early in the day off a cruise ship and have an early pm flight on AA. I’m trying to figure out what to do with our luggage so we can tour downtown before heading to the airport. Any ideas?

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