Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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REDBird: Where to Go Now

I know, I know REDBird is dead. This begs the question that nobody is asking, “Where to go now?” I don’t mean in the sense of do we return to the BLUEbird, do we go back to the gift cards, or maybe we try the U.S. Mint. I’m asking literally where to go now that we have abused the bird by loading 15k on 3 cards over 4 months to top off accounts and hit the min spend on new accounts.

Why is this important? Like the DOW, my points balances are at an all time high not seen since the last time the bubble burst in our hobby (reference Hilton devaluation). This can only mean one thing: a market correction. I have zero inside information but I do have plenty of common sense.

Many of us have tons of AAdvantage miles after churning the Executive Card and applying for that fifth US Airways Card (I was rejected on my 4th).Couple that with the Club Carlson crap and the writing is on the wall. It’s time to Shut Up & Book because it’s only a matter of time when the points world goes into shock from another terrible announcement.

Where will you go with all the free points that a nice little bird delivered to your doorstep? I’m liking Apartment Class LAX-AUH-Middle East/India for 90,000 points + $35 but need to figure out just where in that mix I want to go.

Keep Churning My Friends,


Burn those points now or regret it tomorrow.
Burn those points now or regret it tomorrow.

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