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Restoring Amex Membership Rewards Success Story

A week ago I wrote about my Q2 Churn Results which yielded 378k points. The biggest player in the churn was the Amex Business Platinum that offered 150k Membership Rewards after 20k spend in 3 months. In the post I explained that part of the benefit of being approved for the Amex was restoring the balance of my MR account which was suspended because I had an old Amex Blue that doesn’t have the option of transferring points to affiliated partners.

An astute reader wrote, “Membership Rewards do the whole zombie thing, coming back from the dead when you get a new card? I thought when you cancelled a card they were gone forever.”

After activating the platinum card, I checked my MR balance and it still read zero. Was the reader correct? Frantic, I called Amex and they informed me that when I cancelled my Amex Gold in 2014, my MR account was not linked with the Amex Blue.

Had this been a different financial provider, I would’ve began my rant and demanded my points be restored immediately and an additional 1 billion points for the inconvenience. Since this was Amex, I remained calm and waited for the agent to explain what could be done.

“I see what happened here. This was our fault. I see that your Amex Blue remained open and current. Please hold while I restore your points.”

Moments later they reappeared and all was well.

Thank you Amex


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