Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Round the World in One Direction

Today begins my journey back to the United States only to leave again in three weeks.

I love using the Great Circle Mapper to show the routing from where and I went and how I am getting home as well as how many miles I have flown. While this was not as long as my round the world trip that started last December and resumes in the end of July that went for 50,000 miles, it is still impressive to fly 26,000 miles in ten days.


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    • business class ­čśë

      actually it really doesnt matter, it depends on the rules of the ticket. I booked Emirates one way and booked Singapore Airlines also one way. They just happened to be in the same direction.

      My original RTW ticket started in New York went to Asia/Australia then back to the US then back to Europe and it was all within the rules! But that was under the American Airlines ticket that is no longer available for redemption.

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