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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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SAA DAR-JNB: I Don’t Remember It

The South African Airways DAR-JNB “Flight Review” is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

I vividly recall the park bench at DAR and the Priority Pass Lounge. What I do not recall is the flight from DAR to JNB. It is understandable that I was exhausted, but it is inexcusable that I, as a blogger, did not take any notes nor a sufficient amount of photos to write a halfway decent review. The only reason I am including this post is because my Trip Reports are supposed to read like a story and it would be confusing to historians to figure out how I ended up in JNB without this post. All I can recall is that the seats were not lie flat and that I passed out for the duration.

a seat on an airplane a seat on an airplane a safety book in a pocket



  1. You must be a millennial. Only a millennial would feel so entitled as to take a flight and not share the pictures and story with others. Hopefully you got your entitled avocado toast on the flight. GO TRUMP!

    • I fell asleep. Obviously why there aren’t any photos. What this has to do with Trump, I have no idea. Why I’m responding is another good question.

      • Have you not seen pictures of Trump on AF1? He cannot fit all of America on his plane so he shares his food with others through the twitter. Trump has shared many pictures of him eating food on AF1 to help those who do not have food. Make America Great Again!

  2. Hmm. I want a flight for 3 using points back from Zanzibar or DAR in July in business class. Any thoughts. I can land anywhere in the US. Not seeing much on Qatar.

  3. Your blog is an acquired taste, and it took awhile for me to get you, but I’ve come full circle. There are a million blogs out there and 90% try to be like OMAAT. Your blog is the ONLY one that comes from your perspective and it’s refreshing to read something different. I mean seriously, who would write this post? Only you! It’s funny and entertaining. Thank you.

  4. I agree with the others, why post this if you only have 3 pics to show us of your trip report? This isn’t a cabin report, even that you would fail at.

    • JP, JP, JP. My boilerplate response to people like you: This comment will be forwarded to management who will promptly discard it.

      Have you ever said anything positive about the hundreds of other posts I have written? If no, why are you reading?

      • Ah another entitled blogger who can not handle a hint of criticism when he pumps out crap, place your ego aside my child. BTW FYI buddy, i did read all your lackluster “reviews” of my country, but stopped there as i did not have the time or effort to review the rest of your content as i would not waste my time going on the basis of how you did these “reviews”. Why would i post positive comments when i would not have anything positive to say, i give credit when due and not upon merit.

        Yes your blog posts are of a acquired taste, a acquired taste of shit and the willingness to accept attitude from the poster himself for any clashing view of his. Why am i reading ? I enjoy reading about peoples experience and journeys mainly with air travel through blogs, but your latest instalment gives google images the upper hand and a run for your money as i get more meaningful content there then here as this “review” is more a pictorial guide then report.

        Why do you even bother and waste our time …?

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